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What do large groups consider when booking additional activities at holiday homes?

Updated: Dec 6, 2023

You’ve spent time preparing your gorgeous holiday home, ready to welcome guests. But what are they going to do once they’re staying with you? With restrictions (fingers crossed) lifting in the coming months, there’ll no doubt be an increase in larger family and friend groups coming together, for the first time in months.

So how can you prepare to cater to these groups, and make their stay as relaxed and enjoyable as possible? Below we’ve outlined some considerations, large groups will have when booking additional activities during their stay.


An important consideration for many guests will be the budget for booking an additional activity. It’ll be different for everyone and affordability is important. Making sure there is a range of activity available to be booked, that suits all budgets will increase the chances of bookings, and leave a very positive impression with your lovely guests.

To read more about how to increase your holiday home bookings with activities and catering head over to our recent blog post HERE.

Something for everyone

With large groups comes a range of different ages, abilities, and interests, especially when it comes to large family groups. What an average hen-do looks for in activities could be very different from a family gathering to celebrate a big birthday. Being able to offer multiple activities, which offer something for everyone is key. From spa treatments and archery to cocktail making and assault courses, ensuring there’s a breadth of activity on offer to factor in as many people as possible could make all the difference to bookings.

Space needed

What space does your holiday let have to cater for additional activities? Some cosy cottages may not have huge indoor spaces or there may be more limited outdoor space. When looking at activity options, a guest will need to consider what space is on offer and how flexible or adaptable it is.

Time of year

Some guests will be visiting in the height of Summer, for others, it’ll be a long weekend in Autumn or spending Christmas in a home that accommodates everyone. It’s because of this, it’s important to offer a range of activities that suit all weathers and seasons. Some may not be able to go ahead in the rain or snow, and whilst we can’t know exactly what the weather is going to do, making sure there are options for all eventualities, both indoor and outdoor options, will increase the chance of your guests booking and having a fantastic time at your property.

How easy is it to book?

When you’ve booked to go away for a long weekend or fortnight's holiday, the last thing you’re looking for is added stress. Ensuring the process of booking and securing the additional activities is as quick and easy as possible is important. No guest wants to spend hours liaising with local business owners or scrolling through potential activity options.

A free event concierge, there to help plan and coordinate a guest's stay, could make all the difference, ensuring your guests have the most relaxed and enjoyable stay possible.

If you’re interested in offering vetted activities, experiences, and suppliers to your guests, please do fill out the form here, pop us an email or give us a call.



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