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Why STEN groups are a group you should be attracting to your holiday home

14 adults sit round a table with candle light and costumes, taking part in a murder mystery evening

In a previous blog post we covered in detail what STEN groups are but simply put, it’s a joint celebration between the bride and groom, as opposed to having separate Stag and Hen do’s.

So why should you be attracting them to your holiday home?

Word of mouth is key in the holiday home market. Competition can be fierce and your ability to cater and deliver a fantastic holiday experience for your guests is always key. Where STEN groups are even better, is the sheer number of attendees. With large bookings come the opportunity to have your holiday home recommended to lots more people.

With many couples opting for one big STEN do as opposed to two separate celebratory events, the need for venues which can cater to STEN groups is on the rise. It’s a fast growing trend that isn’t going anywhere, and a key one to target when looking to secure holiday home bookings.

So what can you do to cater to this audience?

For more information on what large groups consider when booking a holiday home make sure to head to our previous blog post here however, if you’re already catering to Stag and Hen do’s and your holiday home is big enough to host large groups, you’re ready for a STEN do. Think through what your holiday rental can offer large groups, whether that’s a games room, hot tub, cinema or large spaces for indoor dining or garden games, ensuring you have plenty of ‘crowd pleaser’ perks will help boost the popularity of your home.

Lots of people require lots of space, the more bedroom and bathroom options your holiday home has, the better. You don’t want your guests to feel to crowded and on top of each other, so ensuring there’s plenty of seating for everyone and space to spread out and relax makes a lot of difference.

Plenty of fun filled activities is a must for these larger STEN groups. From private chefs and cocktail masterclasses to old school sports day and at home pampering, a weekend packed with enjoyable, varied and unique experiences will definitely be remembered so ensuring you’re able to offer your guests a host of different activities can make all the difference when securing these big group bookings.

If you need some help ensuring you’re able to cater to the larger STEN groups with a host of activities and experiences, please make sure to get in touch by filling out the form here, popping us a message or giving us a ring.



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