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What is a STEN Do?

STEN do’s are fast becoming the latest trend when it comes to pre-wedding celebrations. Simply put, it’s a joint celebration between the bride and groom, as opposed to having separate Stag and Hen do’s.

Why are they becoming more popular?

With many couples sharing friendship groups, hosting a STEN do can be the perfect way to bring everyone together in a pre-wedding celebration. STEN do’s often include a host of different activities, much like a Stag or Hen do would, so if you have similar interests they can be a great excuse to spend time with your favourite people, doing an activity you both love.

The benefits of a STEN

STEN’s are a great way to allow the wedding party to all meet before the big day. With people often having different friendships and family groups, from school, university or work, they might never have interacted before. A STEN do, gives all your loved ones the chance to get to know each other and break the ice before the actual wedding day.

STEN’s can be a really great way to save some money and time, rather than needing to spend time planning two separate celebrations, a STEN simplifies the process with just one. Guests can share travel costs and large luxury holiday homes can be booked to save on individual accommodation costs. If both members of a couple are invited, they may be happier to book it as a mini-break or holiday, especially when looking at going abroad.

Traditionally Stag do’s were made up of male friends of the groom, and Hen do’s the female friends of the bride. In 2021 it is far more common for both people to have both male and female friends, by having a STEN, everyone can be invited regardless of gender, and enjoy the celebration.

Do’s and Don’t when organising your STEN

Make sure the STEN is filled with activities that you both enjoy! If you’re booking a long weekend, you could offer mobile pampering or clay pigeon shooting in the day before a dinner party with a private chef in the evening - every guest can decide what they’d like to get involved with.

Get planning early on! A STEN can mean double the number of people, when organising a large group it’s crucial to begin early and stay organised to avoid any unnecessary stress - try and remember, it’s supposed to be fun!

Who’s doing what? With more people comes more hands on deck, from the maid of honour and bridesmaids to the best man and ushers - assign everyone a role or work out who’s be best at which job to try and spread the work.

Do think about the dynamic of your group. If you’re factoring in a broad range of ages, abilities, and interests - it can be tricky. Think through what would work best for your group of friends and family.

Whether you decide to go for a traditional Stag and Hen or opt for the new STEN approach, the key is to fill your celebration with fun and enjoyable activities, not to sweat the small stuff, and enjoy the special time with your friends and family.


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