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How to attract more midweek bookings to my holiday home

Updated: Dec 6, 2023

The weekends and holidays are booked up fast, with families, friends, and holidaymakers but your brilliant holiday home stands empty Monday-Thursday. You’re missing out on valuable rental opportunities. So what if you could ensure your rental was booked up midweek too? Below we’ve outlined some ways to attract more midweek bookings to your holiday home, focusing on one market in particular… corporate bookings.

What could a corporate booking look like?

Whether it’s away days, team trips, or individual business travelers, corporate bookings can work in a variety of ways. Individuals may find staying in a holiday rental a cheaper and more flexible option than a hotel, plus a far nicer environment that feels a bit more like home. For businesses, a holiday home could be the ideal place to host an away day or trip, making midweek bookings the perfect choice.

What do corporate bookings look for and how to attract them

First up let's talk check-ins and outs - a business traveler may need flexibility when checking in, could you offer a self-check-in service to accommodate, or make the check out an easy process. Streamlining processes to be as efficient and easy as possible is always key, but especially when trying to attract a corporate booking.

Like midweek hotel room bookings, ensuring your rental has the amenities to prepare for the working day will be something every business traveler will look out for. Providing a full-length mirror, iron and ironing board, hair appliances, and hanging space, will all make a difference to how easy and stress-free their stay is.

For business travelers, super-fast, reliable, and free Wi-Fi is going to be essential to host planning meetings, prepare for the day or catch up in the evenings. Think through what else your holiday home could provide that would make a corporate booking’s stay a more positive experience. Smart plugs, universal chargers, a wireless printer, plenty of sockets in handy-to-use places, and extra stationery could all be useful items and add a great touch that can be marketed at your ideal midweek market.

For larger holiday homes welcoming group trips and away days, being able to provide plenty of private bedrooms and bathrooms or en suits, is also essential.

Where your weekend bookings may be looking to bring in a private chef or experience, your individual midweek renter is possibly looking for something a bit different. Providing a list of reliable, recommended, local takeaways, quick breakfast cafes or your favourite coffee shop are also lovely extra touches. Maybe you could partner up with a local business to provide vouchers or meal deals, exclusively for your midweek renters. For those group trips and away days, providing a list of potential team-building activities and options will make your rental stand out from the rest.

Don’t know where to start here?

My Event Concierge works as an event planner for large groups that have booked luxury accommodation and holiday homes. We work with the client to book additional in-house services including recommended private chefs and activity providers. Over the last three years, we have created a list of vetted suppliers that we recommend to guests staying at large holiday homes. Save yourself the time and effort of offering this service to your guests and be able to easily provide a list of tailored options for your midweek bookings.

If you are interested in offering vetted suppliers to your guests then please do pop us an email or fill out our contact form, we’d love to hear from you.



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