How to attract more midweek bookings to my holiday home

The weekends and holidays are booked up fast, with families, friends, and holidaymakers but your brilliant holiday home stands empty Monday-Thursday. You’re missing out on valuable rental opportunities. So what if you could ensure your rental was booked up midweek too? Below we’ve outlined some ways to attract more midweek bookings to your holiday home, focusing on one market in particular… corporate bookings.

What could a corporate booking look like?

Whether it’s away days, team trips, or individual business travelers, corporate bookings can work in a variety of ways. Individuals may find staying in a holiday rental a cheaper and more flexible option than a hotel, plus a far nicer environment that feels a bit more like home. For businesses, a holiday home could be the ideal place to host an away day or trip, making midweek bookings the perfect choice.

What do corporate bookings look for and how to attract them