Why you should support local providers near your holiday home.

As someone running their own holiday home, you know the feeling when you get a booking in, or someone returns to book again. The saying goes, ‘When you buy from a small business, an actual person does a happy dance’, and it’s true! With so many businesses and providers to work without there, there is a massive amount of choice. So why should you support local providers near your holiday home specifically?

You’re feeding the local economy

Shopping at or supporting local businesses is often better for the economy of your community than spending your money at large chains. This is because the nearby shop or cafe owners, local chefs, or yoga instructors will then in turn spend their earnings back with the local community through shopping, visiting restaurants and pubs, therefore circulating the money and allowing the local area to thrive. It’s a win-win for everyone!

That extra-special service

Although many businesses offer a high standard of customer service, there’s nothing quite like wor