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How to increase your holiday home bookings with activities and catering

Updated: Dec 6, 2023

Competition is hotting up in the holiday let market.

Seemingly there’s an OTA for every niche now, from holidaying with your pooch to historic house retreats, and with the big names taking a large portion of the traffic, standing out can prove challenging.

But there is more than enough demand to go around this year.

According to Google, global searches for “staycations” were up 100% over the last year indicating an intent to book a domestic break. And with 67% of full-time employees rolling over at least a day of their 2020 holiday allowance into 2021, and international travel currently off the cards, we are set to experience a boom in domestic tourism like no other.

How can I get a slice of these bookings?

With everyone and their Aunt offering a rural retreat these days, guests have become extremely savvy and will shop around for the best deals and the best amenities. A welcome pack is a standard offering across holiday lets and guests have come to expect this level of service - making it easy for them to find the best things to see, do and eat in the area. But what if you went one step further?

Offering a concierge service will make your holiday let stand out and generate more bookings, and here’s why...

1. People want experiences that come to them

At the top end of the market, when guests have paid good money for a stunning house in the countryside, they are going to want to enjoy it. The last thing you want is for them to spend all of their time exploring the local area and then leave feeling like the house was a waste of money and they could have booked a cheap hotel. Offering the ability to have top private chefs, fun family activities and spa treatments at their home from home will set you apart from the crowd and make sure they get to really experience and enjoy their surroundings.

2. It's far more convenient for large groups

Have you ever tried to book a restaurant for 12 people? It’s not easy - and it's impossible in a rural country pub! There is a common misconception that people who book self-catering want to cater for themselves for the duration of the holiday. In our experience this couldn’t be further from the truth. Private chefs remove the burden of group catering from the host, allowing them to relax and enjoy their stay.

Not only that but the thought of entertaining large groups, whether that be a hen do or family with young children, can make the trip seem stressful before it even begins. Removing this worry removes another barrier to booking. If guests know they can book a private chef and a series of activities for the group easily at this accommodation, it will put their mind at ease and bring them closer to pressing that ‘book now’ button.

3. It is a luxury service that will encourage people to book... and then book again

A free event concierge to help plan and coordinate your stay is the type of gold-standard service that will stand out on a list of amenities. It sits in the same category as butler or chauffeur, adding an air of grandeur and elevating the holiday let. It is this feeling of being looked after and catered for at every stage that will encourage them to either book again or refer a friend.

So how much will this service cost me?

Not a penny....

We already have a commission kick back in place with our vetted suppliers so you can essentially offer this service to your guests for free!

My Event Concierge works as an event planner for large groups that have booked luxury accommodation/holiday homes for a celebration. We work with the client to book additional in-house services including recommended private chefs and activity providers. Over the last three years, we have created a list of vetted suppliers that we recommend to guests staying at large holiday homes.

All our trusted suppliers have:

- Minimum £2 Million Public Liability Insurance.

- Come personally recommended by our homeowners.

- Have recent 4*+ reviews across multiple platforms.

- Fantastic Customer Care.

- They have availability (so you are not let down).

The idea being, it saves you the time and effort of offering this service to your guests and you know they will be in safe hands.

If you are interested in offering vetted suppliers to your guests then please do pop us an email or see more info here



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