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Corporate offsite itinerary

Updated: Jul 2

Whether you’re looking to bring your team together again after a year of home working, have some lovely new starters joining or you’re just looking to take some time away from the office, taking your team away for a corporate night away can be a fantastic idea. Below we’ve taken you through what this trip could look like and some top tips for making it a reality!

Top tips for planning a corporate night away

  • Choose a destination that’s easily accessible! Travelling from London? Whether it’s Berkshire or Essex, The New Forest, or the Kent countryside, there are plenty of fantastic locations outside of the capital to take your team and really feel away from busy office life! Just make sure it won’t cause too much of a headache for your team to access.

  • As well as time set aside for project planning, goal setting or reflective work, it’s also important to have a range of team-building activities to fill the day and bring everyone together. Filling your day with fun activities gives your team the chance to bond, let their hair down and enjoy themselves as well as improving the company culture.

  • With the above in mind, having an agenda is key! You don’t want your team feeling bored or at a loose end, the trip is designed to motivate, inspire and develop every individual! By having a clear agenda (with chill out times factored in of course), your team will be able to relax and really enjoy themselves. So what could an average corporate trip away look like? Below is a quick agenda of an average team away night.

Travel on 7th from London - Berkshire


Catered BBQ Lunch (Meet and greet!)


Activity - Laser Clay Shooting

Company vision/Workshop/Idea Generation

Chill time out


Murder Mystery Dinner Party

Private Mixologist: Cocktails


Private chef catered brunch / continental breakfast

Goal setting and planning time

  • ‘Family style’ mealtimes are a really lovely way to bring the team together. There’s nothing quite like all sitting round a table and socialising. With different break times, lunch meetings or ‘at your desk’ sandwiches, it might not be a common thing for your whole team to sit down and eat together. A team building night away gives you the perfect opportunity to do just that. Not looking for the hassle of group cooking, shopping for supplies and dietary requirements? Consider bringing in a private chef or catering options, to make meal times stress free and enjoyable.

  • Plan diverse activities! Making sure your day is made up of diverse activities will help keep everyone motivated and enjoying themselves. From the energetic and team building to problem solving and sociable, think through both what you and the individuals in your team need to get out of the trip. Looking for inspiration or need a hand planning the agenda for your corporate night away? My Event Concierge are here to help you plan the perfect trip away for both you and your team. From finding the ideal venue and location to filling the time with the perfect activities and catering, we’re here to do the hard work for you. Reach out to our partner Company Offsites for your corporate retreat in the UK, with a handpicked collection of the most incredible venues:


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