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How much does a private chef cost for a celebration?

Updated: Aug 11, 2023

Chef working in a kitchen, holding a lime, surrounded by ingrediants

It’s a common misconception that private chefs are only an option for those who have a large budget but the reality can be very different, especially for those who are booking large group stays.

Hiring a private chef for a celebration or large group holiday stay is fast becoming a more popular and affordable option with prices often matching eating out in a restaurant. So exactly how much does it cost to hire a private chef, and what is included?

What to consider when booking your private chef

The first thing to consider is what kind of meal or catering you are looking for. From BBQs and hog roasts to fine dining taste menus and banquet style meals, the dining option you go for will inform the price point. Who you’re catering for and the occasion may also help inform this, what might work well for a stag do may be different to a special anniversary dinner or family gathering. The type of event can also help inform your food choices, planning a murder mystery night, then a more formal dinner party would work well, whereas an Ibiza themed hen party may call for tapas and relaxed paella.

Once you’ve got a good idea of the food choices that will work best for your celebration, consider the space you have available and where the event will be taking place. Outside garden party vs indoor dining, sit down taster menu vs buffet style self serve - all are amazing options, but will call for a slightly different set up on the day.

What is included?

Who would say no to restaurant quality food in the comfort of your holiday home? There are many benefits to hiring a private chef vs making a restaurant booking, and the bespoke service is one of them. Your private chef will be able to cater to your needs, tastes and dietary requirements, creating a unique offer just for you and your group.

The quoted price per head from your private chef, not only includes cooking the food, but a bunch of extras too! All meal planning, grocery shopping and prep work is included in the cost, as well as the meal itself PLUS the added benefit of no clearing up. Yes, that’s right, your private chef will also take care of the tidying up, leaving you to truly relax and enjoy your celebration.

Let’s talk money

To give you a rough idea of costings, below is an example of just one of our private chefs.

£25-30pp for a thai/indian banquet style meal.

£25-30pp depending on group size for a bbq chef.

£35-40pp depending on group size for a 2 course meal.

£45-50pp depending on group size for a 3 course meal.

£15-20pp for a drop of main course.

So how do you hire?

This is where we come in. At My Event Concierge we take your event, budget, party size and dates and find you the perfect private chef for your celebration. We do all the hard work for you and secure you the best person for the day. Click below to check out our amazing private chefs!


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