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Peak District BBQ Package


Dropped off at your holiday home. Left in the fridge. Local ingredients pack that the customer will need to cook themselves.


Your pack contains everything you need to create the perfect BBQ from meats, salads, sides and desserts. All you need to do is top up with drinks (check out our range of Peak District brewed ales and lagers) and maybe some additional side salads from our deli range.

Your collection contains at least the following per person:

Meat from 5th generation local farmers who raise their livestock here on the hills near Bakewell to a very high standard:

- a beef or lamb burger grill
- an award winning pork sausage
- 50g of chicken thighs

Salads, sides, marinades:

- Make your own vegetarian kebabs by Tomson's of Buxton (one of the favourite green grocers in the Peak District) comprised of peppers, cherry tomatoes and courgettes plus some Halloumi Cheese sourced from local cheese suppliers. Either skewer them if you have some kebab sticks or just pop them straight on the grill for a veg medley.

- A roll from Bloomers the Bakewell Bakery

- Bistro / Fine Leaf Salad

- Marinade for the chicken (which is also lovely as a salad Dressing, the ingredients of which are either wild foraged in the countryside of the Peak District or grown locally where ever possible

- New/Salad Potatoes for you to mix with Brock & Morten's Classic Handmade Mayonnaise whose ingredients includes the cold pressed oil from rapeseed grown here in the Peak District along with some spring onions

- A portion of Moroccan style moist couscous salad with pea and mixed beans (ask for vegan friendly if required)

Desserts by Bloomers:

- A slice of Bakewell Pudding (regional delicacies)
- Peak District Dairy Double Cream

BBQ or fuel not included. Make sure your holiday home has this!

Price: £20pp

Full payment needed when purchased.

Min: 10 guests.

+ £25 delivery fee.

*Comes in a crate for you to unpack at lunch time left in the fridge

BBQ Pack

  • Dietary Requirements

     Please inform us about any food allergies, intolerances or cultural preferences before placing your order alongside the first name, surname first initial of the member of your group involved. All efforts will be made to exclude any allergen declared to us from your meal pack however please be aware that the allergen may have been used in the production kitchen previously so traces may be found. The final cost of your meal may change depending on your dietary needs.

  • Delivery

    Let us know the venue and date of your arrival. We will orgnaise with the holiday home owner to store hampers in the fridge for your arrival. 

price per person

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